Many parents seeking a college preparatory education often consider private, Christian schools. Parents understand the benefits of excellent teaching and learning, teachers that both model a Christ-centered life and integrate biblical values in their classrooms, and a real sense of community. For some families, the only obstacle they see is the cost to fund this long-term investment. For over 60 years, Dallas Christian has always been intentional to provide financial assistance for families that have a demonstrated need. We are a better school when we better represent the socioeconomic diversity of the kingdom of God. We also realize that while many of our families apply and qualify for some level of financial assistance, other families have been blessed and are able to take advantage of some of the other vehicles to fund their child’s education. Therefore, we want families to be aware of the many options available for affording a private school education including: need-based financial aid, 529 savings plans, and other available discounts and payment plans.

Need-based financial aid is awarded to families based on documented financial need. Families interested simply submit an online application to FACTS. FACTS is a confidential third party that specializes in assisting private schools across the country in verifying financial need. They analyze the family’s profile and make a recommendation to the school. DC expects the family to take primary responsibility for the cost of their student’s education. Still, we recognize the sacrifices parents make to enroll their student in an independent school. We are determined to provide students with access to all of the opportunities that we offer-as requests for aid and financial resources allow.

Need based financial aid is awarded annually, and renewal is not automatic or guaranteed as funds may vary and the family’s finances may change. Therefore, families are required to submit applications annually.