•    dallaschristian
  •    Jul 23 2018

Guide, Guard & Direct

by: Jennifer Webb, Middle School Principal & Director of Learning Initiatives Growing up, my dad was, and still is, the strong spiritual leader of our family.  Around the dinner table each night, he would conclude the prayer by asking God […]

  •    dallaschristian
  •    May 10 2018

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Beginning kindergarten is a huge milestone for you and your child, and you can help prepare them for it in many ways. Children develop at different speeds and all have unique qualities and skills based on their experiences and development. Parents […]

  •    dallaschristian
  •    Apr 26 2018

Is Bigger Actually Better?

By Chris King, Ph.D., President Prior to living in Texas, I always heard that everything in Texas is bigger.    This was certainly reinforced when we moved to Dallas and saw just how huge the high school football stadiums were in […]