Beginning kindergarten is a huge milestone for you and your child, and you can help prepare them for it in many ways. Children develop at different speeds and all have unique qualities and skills based on their experiences and development. Parents often ask us how they can know that their child is prepared to enter a rigorous academic program. We asked the experts, our Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Roan and Mrs. Reagan, to share what they believe is beneficial for children to know prior to entering their first big year of school. They came up with a “Ten Ways to be Ready for Kindergarten” list.

1. I can write my name clearly.
2. I can identify MOST of the 52 capital and lower case letters.
3. I can produce MOST letter sounds.
4. I can rhyme words.
5. I know the numbers 0-10 and can count 10 or more objects.
6. I can cut with scissors.
7. I can grasp a pencil correctly.
8. I can draw a person with a head, body, arms and legs.
9. I can name colors and shapes.
10. I can follow simple directions.

Keep in mind that this is just a guideline; the exact expectations may vary. Don’t panic if your child hasn’t nailed everything on the list — they will learn a lot in kindergarten. What’s more important is to wean them from relying on you to do things they could do themselves, such as zipping a jacket or tying shoes. Give them the chance to show you what they can do — you might be in for a few surprises!
Dallas Christian has served the local community for over 60 years and our students consistently go on to be successful throughout their school career and in life. Some of the things that make DC Kindergarten so special are all of the learning experiences we offer to help foster a love of learning such as:

• Field Trips
• Kamp KinderLeap
• Daddy Dinner
• Mother’s Day Sock Hop
• ABC Countdown to Summer
• Graduation
• Opportunities to Lead Chapel

If you are looking for a high-quality education where teachers teach children to love and follow Jesus then we would love to provide you more information. Our admissions team is ready to answer any of your questions and give you a tour of our beautiful 60-acre campus.