Guest post by Jason Ellis, DC Alumnus

It was December of 1992 at Dallas Christian, Susan was a Junior and Jason was a Senior when she asked him out for the first time. There was a Sadie Hawkins party, a Valentines type deal where the girls ask the guys. She asked him to go with her in the hall between classes in front of all of his friends. The location matters as you will find out later. They ended up dating the rest of the year. Jason had planned on attending Eastern New Mexico to play football but knew Susan was destined to go to ACU so he backed out and decided to go to ACU in August at the last second hoping he and Susan would reconnect. They dated off and on all throughout college, but lost touch the last year or so. They both graduated from ACU in 1998. Jason became a police officer in Frisco. The President of Dallas Christian at the time, Dr. Luster, hired Susan to teach Spanish back at Dallas Christian. This was not in her plans at all as she was on her way to get her masters in Psychology, but thankfully she listened to God and Dr. Luster. Jason was attending the police academy in Arlington living with three fellow Dallas Christian alumni when sadly Dr. Luster passed away. One of Jason’s roommates ran into Susan at the funeral and told him that Susan was teaching at Dallas Christian. Jason called her up and the rest is history. Oh, back to that spot in the DC high school hallway of Dallas Christian where Susan originally asked him out, Jason surprised Susan and proposed to her in that exact same spot in the hall in December of 1998. They married in 1999 and everything has come full circle as they are back at Dallas Christian where Susan is teaching Spanish again. Their three children also attend Dallas Christian now and they could not be happier. Thank you, Dallas Christian, for making all of this possible!

-Jason and Susan Ellis

Jason and Susan Ellis
Jason and Susan Ellis