Middle School Theater is an elective course in which students are introduced to the basics of theater, including the history of theater and basic acting terms and techniques. Lifelong skills such as discipline, multi-tasking, the ability to think on your feet, and group collaboration are practiced. Students are encouraged to discover their God-given gifts that can be used in multiple real-life situations to bring Him glory.

Theater Arts I
This course is a beginning theater course. Students will learn theater history basics, acting and improv basics, as well as read important plays from the world theater. This course is a prerequisite for Advanced Theater/Theater Production.

Advanced Theater/Advanced Theater
This course is an advanced theater class where students have reached a level of ownership over their theater work. This class will be geared towards the TAPPS and TCSIT One Act Play competitions, as well as the Spring Musical. This class is for students who wish to be in the extracurricular aspect of the Dallas Christian Drama Department.

Technical/Business Theater
In the first semester, this course combines the study of various theories of design and stagecraft techniques including design, scenery, properties, lighting, costuming, makeup, and sound. During the second semester, the class will be the “production office” for the spring musical. Students will learn all aspects of producing, marketing, budget management, box office, and set planning, while gaining hands on experience as the production team.